Human trafficking is modern day slavery

NASHI believes that Human Trafficking destroys human dignity. By raising awareness and finding concrete solutions for the vulnerable, we can make a difference. Currently our focus is education and awareness locally, and the operation of a live-in center in Ukraine for young girls at risk of being trafficked. NASHI is TAKING ACTION. Founded in 2004 around a kitchen table we have become a group of dedicated volunteers, with no staff, but taking action against this tragedy. As a Canadian registered charity we are working locally and internationally. In Canada we speak about the brutal details and realities of trafficking. We hold conferences and seminars to make Canadians aware of this travesty.

Maple Leaf Centre

The Maple Leaf (Klenovi Lyst) Centre is a 13,000 square foot home, locate north of Lviv, Ukraine. There we provide a nuturing, healing home environment for up to 20 young girls, as opposed to the warehousing of an orphanage. The girls learn life skills, attend regular schools with tutoring available if required, and are encouraged to develope normal friendships with other children in the village. They also receive any needed medical, dental and vision care. By providing for them through post-secondary education until employment, the Maple Leaf Centre will ready them for life in Ukraine and divert them from human trafficking.
The maple tree is common to both Canada and Ukraine, but the maple leaf is recognized world-wide as a symbol of Canada. NASHI has chosen the maple leaf as the symbol for this project.

Emphasis on Family Life

Girls have daily chores, just as children in our own homes. They assist the House Mothers with meal preparation and clean up.

Education is Critical

Homework is done daily at scheduled times. Extra help and tutoring is available as well. Play time and socializing is also essential for normal development.

Proper Nutrition is a Priority

Well balanced meals featuring locally grown produce are always provided. The girls plant and maintain plots of vegetables and fruits on site which are used in their meals.



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One Perogy At A Time Sequel Filming Complete

With the assistance of Investigative Reporter and Author Victor Malarek, filming for the new documentary One Perogy At A Time: The Sequel is complete. The project is now in the hands of Tara Yolan Productions in Saskatoon for editing and production. We hope for completion by September and NASHI is planning showings in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto, and we will also be entering it into the Yorkton Film Festival. There are also several television networks interested in the project so we are hoping for another national audience similar to the original.

Date Chosen For Perogy Paradise 14

Mark your calendars for March 16, 2019. Perogy Paradise return with a theme of 'B the Change'. More details will be coming in the new year. For faster updates, subscribe to our email list on the contact page.

NASHI Will Have A Display At The "Baba's and Borshch Festival"

NASHi will be attending and setting up a display at the 6th Annual Baba's and Borshch Festival in Lamount, AB on August 25-26. VIctor Malarek will also be speaking about his latest book, Orphange 41. We are looking forward to seeing some of our Alberta supporters there.

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