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365 Days of Sacrifice

It's Been One Year Since The Evacuation
It's been that long since our girls were evacuated from their home at the Maple Leaf House, to a temporary home in Poland. One of NASHI's supporters, Sydney Fream writes
"Throughout the past year, these girls have experienced immense heartache, having to leave their beloved Maple Leaf House, their friends, teachers, and neighbours and flee from the War in Ukraine. The courage and resilience demonstrated by Maria is unwavering and incredibly inspiring. I truly cannot find the words to describe her unshakable, boundless love for the girls, and it is this love that gives the girls their foundation to continue to find joy and stability in their new life in Poland."
Our director Maria, has devoted the past 9 years to creating a safe, loving environment for these girls. She has taken no vacations, or even more than one day away from the girls. The girls have been deligently studying and learning 2 new languages.
NASHI is starting a new campaign, to send Maria and the girls to a place they have dreamed of...the Sea. We would like to send them to Croatia for a much needed escape this summer. If you would like to contribute to this campaign, please use one of the methods below and mark your contribution "THE SEA".
To Donate:
• Cheques – NASHI 535 8th Str. E., Saskatoon, Sk. S7H 0P9
• Credit Card – ph: 306-653-4646
• E-transfer –
Canada Helps
Pay Pal
Thank You to all our supporters to date. Let's make this summer one to remember for our girls.

Some of our girls talk about missing home


A Milestone For Maple Leaf House
All of us are now being reminded, one year later, of the terrible consequences of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, Feb. 24, 2022.
The war forced millions to flee their home and on March 5, our director of the Maple Leaf House in Ukraine, decided the trauma of this war and the trauma our girls have already lived in their short lives, was too overwhelming and she made plans to evacuate to Poland. This was done quickly and quietly by March 6, 2022.
NASHI wants to thank and commend the generosity of our donors who made this possible as we kept the doors of the Maple Leaf House open to people who were leaving their homes, mostly from Eastern Ukraine, to flee to Central Europe. NASHI has been supporting 2 houses.
This anniversary is a sombre milestone. We continue to need your help supporting our girls and are asking you to take action by making a donation from our donation page. Please enjoy our girls singing a Hymn to Ukraine

Also, our Director Maria describing her reasons for evacuation.


Education Doesn't Stop For War.
Another school year for starts for our girls, but this time, in Poland. They are all doing well but still yearning to go home. Thanks to the advocacy of Baal Dan NASHI has received a generous grant from the Marketing Research Education Foundation (MREF) to provide educational materials and support for the girls. They will be receiving school supplies, including some shared laptops for some remaining distance learning from Ukraine, clothing, art supplies, books and much more. We are truly gratefull for this support, and the support of our donors to provide a continued safe place for the girls and ongoing education.
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We are open for refugees..
We have opened our doors, once the girls were evacuated, to people from eastern Ukraine as they journey into Poland or another European country. NASHI is also supplying blankets, some limited medications, hygiene kits, diapers and food for those who need a safe place during their ongoing journey. Supplies are also being bought for men and women from Stoyaniv, the village of the Maple Leaf House, who are going to fight in other cities of Ukraine. You see here our van, that came into Poland to buy much needed supplies.
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Adapt and overcome.
We will continue to purchase supplies, as long as they are needed and upkeep both our girls in Poland and the Maple Leaf House. We are in constant contact with Maria, our director, as we track events day by day. The safety and education of our girls are our primary focus.
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